Corporate Resposbility

Our company, having adopted "people first" philosophy and signed the Global Compact;is aware of its social responsibilities and commits itself to the following;

Child Labour
Not to employ any worker under the age of 18 and act in accordance with the laws of child and young labour employment

Forced and Compulsory Labour
Not to employ any worker bounded by contract, by force or without consent

Occupational Health and Safety
To adopt a proactive approach based on risk analysis, to ensure that all employees are actively participating in implementation of health and safety procedures and to provide a working environment that gives gives priority to the general health of employees

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
To respect the right of employees to bargain through their authorized union

Not to employ workers according to their race, colour, language, religion, ethnical background, pregnancy, marital status or gender but to employ according to the skills required to perform the job and refer to the same criteria for comperisatiombenefits and promotions

Diciplinary Practices / Harassment and Abuse
Behave respectfully to the personality of all the employees and not to implement any corporal punishments, not to let verbal, physical or psychological ooercion or harassment of any kind

Working Hours
To comply with laws and regulations controlling wo?ning hours and seek consensus of the worker for overtime

Compensation and Benefits
To respect normal or overtime working wages and social benefits described in laws, regulations or in collective bargaining agreement
To follow the current environment laws and to prevent environmental pollution based on environmental aspect St impact analysis, reduce pollution at source

Customs Compliance
To respect all local and intemational Customs Laws and to adopt programs that will ensure these laws are respected and prevent any illegal materials to be transported

To ensure that no materials (drugs, explosives, biological substances or illegal goods) that may violatesecurity are included in transboundary shipments

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